The structure in the photo was built to supply water for the club houses in Castlewood. The wood roof and steps on the side were removed when park opened.
I have heard two stories as to how it was filled. One that water was trucked up the hill. The other that it was pumped from the river or maybe they're both true.
If you have photos from before the roof was removed or info on the construction and operation of the water company, please share it with us.
Jim - July 12, 2012 Jim's Photo
Ben - March 2, 2014
Hey Jim! It was in fact filled by a water pump system that pumped water up to the bluffs from a well by the river and stored it in this cistern for the surrounding buildings. It was one of the first such systems outside of St. Louis City. If you read the history on the official site for Castlewood it tells you about it. My friend and I went climbing up the hill near the old grand staircase and actually found the pipe that led the water to it exposed above ground!
CastlewoodMO - March 3, 2014
Ben, thanks for sharing your photo and info. Where can I find "The history on the official site for Castlewood"?
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